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Easily the best day of my life next to my son being born.”

– Nate R.

“I was on the first tour in 2011. The scouts were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly! Had an awesome time on the tour and met some lifelong friends too! Can’t say enough good things about this tour. Just please keep in mind tours are incredibly limited in both occurrence AND occupancy. NoBe is a scout camp first, and a cool filming location second. We should all be grateful that the BSA has allowed any tours at all. Can’t wait to return to Camp!!”

– Carol C.

What a fantastic opportunity! I came from Texas for this and it was worth all the headaches of travel! Everyone was gracious and welcoming and the tour was more than I imagined it would be!”

– Suzanne R.

More than what was anticipated. Will remember this event for a lifetime. The staff truly cared about what we might have wanted to know, and left no stone unturned. Got so many pictures that every second of the camp locations featured in the film were captured. Coming back for the next one regardless of the price. Had a blast !!! Thanks again.”

– William G.

Went there for the 2013 tour – such a tremendous event! The staff was extremely knowledgeable & passionate about their lil’ piece of cinematic history. Can’t wait for the next one…:~)”

– Kenneth C.

Excellent tour. Unforgettable. Incredibly knowledgeable and friendly tour guides. Worth every penny I paid and I am happy to support the work of Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco through the money.”

– Lori A.

“I had a great time. I just wish that they could’ve turned down the natural fans aka the wind!!!  

– Andrew V.

Great time!.. Thank you camp for doing this for us fans!!”

– Rian G.

A great, magical time. Is exactly how I wanted it!”

– Bryan G.

So awesome! Loved every minute today!”

– Jennifer B.

“I loved the fact that we were in small groups. The tour guides were awesome. They were very nice and knew what they were talking about. It was worth every penny. I wouldn’t change a thing! Best time ever! Thank you for letting us see the Camp and taking the time to show us around. It was the best vacation I’ve had!”

– Chiara G.

“I have been waiting to visit the camp for a long time. I saw more than I was expecting! I was very satisfied with the tour guides. They were excellent. The tour was fantastic!!! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and had a blast. I think it was great that the scouts got to know our love for Crystal Lake and we got to know how much the scouts love their Nobebosco. I thought that my highlight would have been seeing the lake and it was, however, seeing the Camp Crystal Lake sign was the best. It was a fantastic day.”

– Robert K.

“Just being able to walk that hallowed ground was priceless ~ and to see every location, the beach etc. LOVED THE GREEN GROUP GUIDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have NEVER met a nicer bunch of people in my life !!!!!!!! I miss them already ( okay, I am sentimental ) but I am serious!!! They were exceptional human beings 🙂 The small groups were very intimate and very informative and so we became friends, we didn’t feel rushed, we got to know our guides personally and everyones names, We were together until 10:00 that night perusing the town (the arch, the bridge, the store fronts from the movie, the diner, the cemetery) and we saw the movie together that night in the grand re-opening of the Blairstown Theatre 🙂 I would have paid $1,000.00. It was worth every penny, there was nothing I wanted to do that I didn’t get to do :)”

– April S.

“You guys pretty much covered everything. The tour group was perfectly sized, we were able to move around nicely and didn’t get in each others way. The tour guides did an excellent job. The whole thing was great, the bottle of lake water was an especially nice touch. I don’t see any real fan being disappointed in this tour at all to be honest, you guys were extremely nice and helpful the whole time. You guys did an excellent job on this tour, it exceeded my expectations. Everyone was extremely nice and courteous the whole time and I really enjoyed the experience. Thanks!!

– Ryan C.

“I had an absolute blast and it was well worth the ticket price IMO. Our tour guide was really cool and very knowledgable. He was the one that wrote the tour book, and it showed in his ability to explain things. He also told / showed us things unrelated to the movie which I found interesting, like a glimpse into scout life and the history of the camp. Everyone was very warm and welcoming and it was amazing to see two different groups of people exhibiting love for the camp for two different reason. I just cant put into words how special this trip was. The crew at NoBe exceeded every expectation i had, and surprised me with their warmth and love of the camp. I found myself loving the camp even more after the visit.”

– John C.

“I thought the tour was worth every penny. I can’t think of anything that was missed. I thought it was almost perfect. The tour guide did a fantastic job. The care that went into the tour was obvious. I was surprised at some of the stuff they showed us. Honestly, I didn’t have a favorite part – I enjoyed the entire thing. It was more complete than I could have hoped for. The surprise of the original sign was amazing!!!”

– Shaun K.

“Honestly, the best part of the tour for me was seeing how happy everyone was to finally get to see a place they had never believed they could get to. And seeing how excited the guides were to show off their camp was amazing. Everyone who was there that day should really take pride in what they accomplished. It was an excellent tour. I’m not sure you could really improve on what you’ve already done. You treated us wonderfully, you fed us, and you let us enjoy your camp. I couldn’t ask for more.”

– C. R.

“The tour was great. Well worth it. The money will soon be forgotten but the memory of seeing the place where this icon of horror was filmed will last forever. The tour guides were great,very polite and professional. They were the type of people you would expect from such a fine organization.”

– John S.

“It was nice that the guides researched the movie before the tour. The added things like the lone canoe in the lake or the arrows at the generator shed were a wonderful touch. The souvenir lake water bottles were great. It was really cool to be there on Friday the 13th.”

– Michael C.